Acorn to Oak- your story, in ceremony

Want to know what I’ve been up to for the past year? In addition to acting, I’ve added another branch to my storytelling tree! I am now a certified lifecycle celebrant, a professionally trained ceremony specialist. My practice is called Acorn to Oak. Your story. In ceremony.

I’ll take the story you want to tell and create a custom ceremony that will celebrate an achievement, support a transition or honor a life. The urge to mark milestones is primal.When we meet in the energy of community, we can share the warmth of a welcome home, the rush of a new commitment, the glow of a job well done and the deep sigh of a life well lived.

We bear witness to the stories of those we love.

Let me help you tell your story!


Good storytelling at Writers’ Bloc Summer Play Festival

I was happy to be a part of two different casts that helped playwrights fine tune their scripts. “Jimmy Pays his Debts” by Patrick Boylan is a heartwrenching story of an Irish Catholic family in the early 1960s who must face the fallout from devasting abuse.

Then, on the lighter side, was “Love in the Time of Dementia” by Chloe Bolan. A funny, poignant look at life in the twilight years.

Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth at Lookingglass rocks my world

Lookingglass Theatre’s production of Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth, brilliantly written and directed by Doug Hara, was the most moving theatrical experience I’ve had in quite some time. Based on the premise that when people stop telling your story, you disappear, it has all the magical elements, heart and faith one could hope for in a adult fairy tale. I was captivated and immersed in the vast creativity and scope of the storytelling from the first minute. How much did I enjoy it? I leapt to my feet shouting “bravo” at curtain.